Open Bore Piling

Open bore piling

This piling method is ideal for use in cohesive soils. The rotating auger is forced into the strata reaming out the soil as it goes. Once the required or desired depth has been met the augers are with drawn leaving an "open hole". Steel reinforcement is then placed before being filled with concrete.

These highly mobile rigs are economic to use on large open sites with cohesive ground, and on chalk or some sands. Smaller models are suitable to internal use. As a rotary auger causes minimal vibration it is ideal for use next to buildings or underground services. It is also possible the utilise these rig for "down the hole hammer" where rock or dense material is drilled allowing the piles to be anchored in place.

Standard Pile Size's and Bearing Capacities

  • 150mm - SWL 100-150kN*
  • 200mm - SWL 150-250kN*
  • 250mm - SWL 250-350kN*
  • 300mm - SWL 350-500kN*

*Subject to confirmation

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I would just like to thank yourself for your rapid response to our situation we found ourselves in for the requirement for piling and the hard effort carried out by your work force in what can only be said as challenging weather conditions. Going forward we will now have a solid platform to proceed with the construction of our extension project.

Private Client in Halifax

Really impressed with your work Mark and massive credit to the lad who was on site, he was a definite asset to your company. Pleasant polite and helpful. Many thanks again for sorting it all out for me.

Builder on a Domestic Extension in Leeds.

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Westbuild Piling

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Westbuild Piling

When we decided to setup Westbuild Piling we told ourselves “if we’re doing this we’re doing it properly, no silly mistakes, no messing people about, No that’ll do attitudes” And we meant it, we’re here to give people the service they deserve.

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